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Jenna, I am a retired 41 year Registered Nurse and you are spot on! What has happened to our Health Care system, especially since Obamacare, is a travesty. The best and brightest , that did their due diligence pertaining to the Covid jab, were terminated for non compliance. The same was done with the military. Worthless flue vaccine’s are mandatory in Health care (since Obamacare) and religious exemptions are denied because our Hospitals are very likely getting huge financial incentives by mandating these shots. Money laundering by any standard. Statins are prescribed to everyone like candy. They have an overall risk reduction of stroke and heart attack of 1% - yes, 1 %. Big Pharma finances the CDC, FDA and NIHID , to the tune of 75%. They control the medical schools, peer review journals and do their own drug/vaccine safety studies. Sounds legit - NOT!!! Medical practice is dead and Big Pharma financed the Funeral.

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Hi Jenny, At the risk of being labeled a "stalker", I receive your email notifications and feel compelled to offer my two cents, for whatever they are worth. The topic of this post is one I have wrestled with, and still do. I, too, subjectively feel that I am hearing an awful lot of incidents of sudden death in young people and athletes who would not be expected to be shuffling off this mortal coil so soon. I find myself asking the same question each time: "I wonder if they were vaccinated?" I have never received any of the Covid vaccines. Early on, it was my skepticism regarding the rush to approve these and the unprecedented glowing claims as to their safety and effectiveness. As the saying goes, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. I held off for the approval of the Novavax product, which used traditional vaccine manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, its release was delayed repeatedly (a conspiracy against them by Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J?) and my wife and I caught Covid in July 2021. Delta Covid was unpleasant but we seniors (70 and 66, respectively) managed just fine. After that, with my natural immunity card stamped, there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell we would receive any Covid vaccine and that stance has hardened over time. I will never take one, Covid be damned. I advised my grown children to forgo vaccination as well and am delighted that none of my grandkids were ever vaccinated with these novel vaccines. I am not an anti-vaxxer and always encourage traditional vaccination schedules for kids. With that backgroung.........

It is very easy to take one's own perceptions and extrapolate them into more than the evidence actually supports. Rather that spend time writing out a long tome (as if this isn't long enough), I will point you to the discussion at https://www.thefp.com/p/the-epidemic-of-diedsuddenly. I have found Prasad and Mandrola to be very credible, skeptical, evidence-based physicians who thrive on data. I followed them throughout the pandemic and agreed with nearly all of their opinions. They provide a number of possible explanations for the apparent surge in sudden death. I say "apparent" because we really do not have numbers that show this to be definitely the case.

Are we experiencing an unprecedented number of inexplicable sudden deaths in the young and are the Covid vaccines to blame? Perhaps, but that verdict is definitely not in.

One important point they make at the end is the lost of trust in our medical institutions which fuels speculation and gives wings to conspiracy theories. My trust in the CDC , FDA, NIH, and our venerable medical journals is the lowest it has ever been and I don't know if I will ever get it back in my lifetime. This is one of the true tragedies of Covid. I fear we will some day look back on these past few years as the biggest debacle in the history of modern medicine. I do agree with Linda regarding Fauci, and I would add Birx, Redfield, Collins, and their sheeplike minions as despicable, lying SOB's.


R. Bosshardt, MD,

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Jenna - love that you are further addressing Linda's comments!

More "anecdotes" for you. (I heard the plural of anecdote is data).

Our accountant emailed us yesterday. He had to change our appointment time for this coming Monday. He needs to accompany his 19 year old son to a "heart test".

I remembered that I sent some information to his wife a few months ago, but I couldn't remember what or why. Then it hit me, their 20-something daughter had thyroid cancer. I emailed her information on alternative treatments (to which I never got any feedback).

A few months prior to that, his wife told me her mother had just started venturing out in the world after being terrified of getting Covid. She had all of her shots and boosters - fell and broke a bone. Got Covid while in the hospital for surgery and died.

Let me reiterate - this is all in the SAME family.

Here is what keeps me from going insane listening to these people who just cannot (or will not) open their minds that something is amiss and why the lies continue:

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Ephesians 6:12 NIV

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I never thought big pharmaceutical gave a rats ass about me.

What has changed in the last 3 years?

Now I don't think my GP gives a rats ass about me.

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I was once totally in favor of listening to my doctor's advice. The first time I heard the term 'medical industry', I was offended. After all, industry is based on making money. That's not what we do, I said, cluelessly. Well, I resigned my 'medical industry' lab position when I could no longer pretend to agree with the idea that symptom management was the goal of health care. Linda and many others need to take the blinders off and see reality. Truth sometimes hurts but it's real.

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Linda...? Linda! HEY LINDA!! We are all dying to hear what you have to say. Oh wait. Nevermind, NOT dying.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this clear and snarky summation of your dialogue w Linda and the state of the

medical industrial complex My favorite line: “all words are made up, Linda” 😂

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"Mixed evidence is evidence that there is no evidence"? WHAT??? I often tend to be quite sympathetic and sometimes even admiring of the "Lone Wolves" for having the guts to stick with and openly defend their unpopular stances because I tend to be like that at times (a not so impressive example is that I am in the Northeast and have dealt with the consequences of being an Unvaccinated Lone Wolf in many settings). I'll admit I have to draw the line when I hear statements that I would bet my last dollar are false, such as "mRNA vaccines save lives (overall)", for example. But "mixed evidence is evidence that there is no evidence" is really one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, WOW.

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Listen Linda. My resume is just as impressive; actually more. I also invested many decades into my craft. But computer science, not medical. Being intimately exposed to the resulting outcomes of Doctors and Nurses, I can assure you they don't always know what they are doing, and don't always make the best decisions. Proof is in the claim analytics.

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No real reason to believe she’s a bot; more doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. bought into the BS of the past 3+ years than not

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Prior to Covid, I never second guessed anything doctors or the “experts” recommended. I was always a little skeptical of the financial side and costs associated with healthcare but I would have never believed the health industry would put money over people…and then Covid hit.

What I saw was happening compared to what the media and experts told me was happening was so out of whack, I couldn’t believe it at times. The last straw was almost three years ago in November when I easily fought and recovered from covid (the first and only time I’ve had it). Shortly after, the vaccine was mandated for my job. I argued that I had natural immunity yet nobody listened or cared. The fact that the government medical agencies didn’t recognize natural immunity was criminal. It was at this point I completely lost all trust and came to the conclusion I’ll never blindly follow the “experts” again.

What’s unfolded over the past three years has completely blown my mind. Prior to the release of the vaccines, I personally knew maybe one or two young people who had heart issues including a friend’s dad that died of a heart attack in his 30’s (30 years ago). I knew these issues were possible yet rare. Even with Covid, before the vaccines, I knew folks had heart and lung issue but I personally didn’t know anyone with long term damage.

After the roll out of the vaccine, holy crap. I had a friend die of what they called a congenital heart defect at 42. Ironically, her husband almost died at the same time of blood clots. They were federal employees and I’m sure vaccinated. My best friend, also vaccinated due to his job, died of a heart attack at 38. A co-worker of mine had a stroke at 45 and luckily will fully recover. Another co-worker developed myocarditis after the first shot. Luckily he lives in Texas and is currently being treated by Dr. McCullough. Another friend suddenly developed an autoimmune disease at 37, shortly after the vaccine. I’ve know a few others who have had abnormal heart rates and blood pressure after the vaccine. My vaccinated 6 year old nephew had a crazy auto immune rash response that left experts answer less. I know all these are anecdotal but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I mean look at the huge drop in people getting boosted. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those who were 100% onboard experienced adverse reactions or had someone close have a possible reaction.

Unfortunately, the people responsible for these atrocities are still in power and I suspect the truth will one day come out…buts it’s not going to easy. We need more brave doctors and experts speaking out against this crap!

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Loved your response to Linda! I think Linda thinks a piece of paper from a university makes her an expert! It doesn’t critically thinking does! Linda is the kind of nurse who treated m in the hospital when I had Covid!

I was shocked at the lack of empathy, knowledge the nurses that I had while in the hospital with Covid. I am a retired nurse with a masters degree! That by itself does not make me a knowledgeable nurse as Linda thinks she is.

The nurses I had were only interested in telling me I should have gotten vaccinated!!

Like it was my fault I got Covid!

Linda and nurses like her don’t think for themselves! Even after Covid nurses were pushing me to get vaccinated! I assured them my immune system after having Covid was better than a vaccine! Did they forget about science and your immune system!!

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So brilliant I can't hardly stand it as a person "studying research in graduate school and afterward in my work and teaching. And in 42 years of working with physicians and other nurse specialists who know what they're doing and are great teachers. Research validity and reliability standards don't ever change.” might say.

This quote could have come from my sister. She is not a nurse, but worse, a retired lawyer who represented Nursing, Medical, and Pharmacy colleges at my -- sad to say -- alma mater. Or a former neighbor who is a retired maternity nurse manager for a large medical group in Oregon; she's an absolutely lovely person otherwise, but fully bought into the same BS that we also swallowed whole until the Covid plandemic rendered the Pharmaco-Medical Emperor naked.

Really appreciate the discussion and presentation from all sides.

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I for one would really like to hear more from Linda D Siegel, RN, BSN, MN.

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I would not 100% assume Linda is what she says she is. She may be, but...

I waste way to much time arguing on these forums. I've encountered too many commenters who are flat-out lying. They throw falsehoods out there for who knows what reasons- hoping no one will call BS, to see what they can get away with, sowing doubt and confusion....

They take advantage of the fact people like Jenna and the rest of us are trusting, polite, and generally think people may be misguided but they are still good people. I take no pleasure in saying this, but that's no longer true. Those people delude themselves into thinking their cause is righteous, and will lie, cheat, and steal to advance their agenda.

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Exactly! I got out of working in pharma way back in 1997 for similar reasons as Dr. Marcia Angell. (fentinyl lollipops!? I'm out.) I used to work regularly with the FDA, launch drugs or new indications, decipher clinical trials, write courses to train global sales forces ... I saw how the sausage gets made. So in 2020 I knew how long trials are supposed to take and why and how pharma can torture data until it submits. I knew how to spot key missing data and massaged bs language. So I was shocked when not one person I knew asked for my fairly expert opinion of the crazy speed demon jab rollout. Instead, when I raised the alarm to everyone, friends "divorced" me, excommunicated me from gatherings, derided me on social media and in person. Family escorted me out of the house for daring to say "follow the money." It was gut wrenching and despairing. To this day, I've received not one apology. The reality of what masses of people all over the world were fooled into doing and saying and believing is only slowly dawning on them. May they each know how to handle it.

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